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The materials used on the Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision course are used within a Moodle based environment with features such as interactive tasks and discussion fora. The materials provided here are therefore only a few of the materials available.

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Following the success of the Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision course, we now have the EPE project funded by the European Union. This project enables the development of high quality online materials for use by supervisors and postgraduate scholars around the world. All licensed under Creative Commons. Please visit to take a look.

Participant Guide

This guide is provided to every course participant. Download the participant guide.

Points to Ponder

These booklets were developed to assist the facilitators of the course but have also been found to be of use to participants.


These are just some of the PPTS developed for the course.

Phase 1
Day 1 Session 1 | PG Context
Session 2 | Social Justice
Session 3 | Models and Styles of Supervision
Short video on supervision in project teams
Day 2 Session 3 | Research Question or Hypothesis
Day 3 Session 1 & 2 | Student Writing
Short video on developing your writing
Phase 2
Good PG Student
Humanising Pedagogy
Phase 3
Day 1
Session 3 | HDC Examiners and Vivas
Day 2 Session 1 | Models of Supervision with Intervision
Session 2 | Coaching and Mentoring
Session 3 | Project Management and Learning Contracts
Suggested Key Readings
PhD vs Masters

Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision is available to South African academics at selected institutions.
For further information please email Professor Sioux Mckenna.