What our participants say

As a new supervisor, I found the workshop very useful. What I found helpful was how one can provide useful feedback to students without erasing their voice. Often I had taken a very direct way of ‘assessing” students’ work which this workshop helped to understand supervision as a form of responding to the work of the student.”

“The whole of this course has been very worthwhile, informative and quite empowering, particularly for someone who is an emerging supervisor. I feel quite privileged to be part of this group. All that has been covered here has had impact into the way I view my role as a supervisor, the climax was on “intervision”. Where we dealt with realistic challenging scenarios in our practice and shared ideas of how to handle such situations. An issue that was not on my forehead was that of signing a contract with my students even though I have suffered as a supervisee due to such an omission.”

The broad field of expertise and participants from various disciplines were stimulating
The broad field of expertise and participants from various disciplines were stimulating, a learning experience and at times a bit frightening – to become even more aware of how much I still have to learn BUT there are colleagues willing to join in the journey, and taking on the challenge in the learning curve and self-growth and to be supportive.”

“I loved the facilitation.  Both facilitators were well prepared and informed.  I loved the way they mixed them and the presentation/discussion.  They allowed free expression and critique.”

This has been such an eye opener and empowering experience for me
The discussions on social exclusion were very useful.  As a supervisor, I will be on the look out to find ways in which to assist students personally or using additional avenues provided by the institution.  The postgraduate school and the Institute for reconciliation and social justice are useful institutional structures I will use.”

“I have found this past course very useful. I have always relied on reflections about what worked for me as a doctoral student and tried to implement that with my students. I have also used what I thought might have helped me to do well, but after the sessions my thinking is now broadened, with confirmations on those things that I am doing and even more ideas about what impact certain actions might have on students’ progress. This has been such an eye opener and empowering experience for me. Developing student writing has been exceptionally appealing to me. I am certainly going to implement this right away.”

“Excellent facilitation – facilitators were sensitive to the needs of the group – guiding, intervening and their doctorateness really is appreciated and to be envied. Except for being scholars, they are also humans and do not talk down from an ivory tower.”

The workshop was insightful in a way that blew my mind. I particularly found the session on ethics very informative and useful, I will make use of the informative learnt not only in my supervision practice but in my classroom for the undergrad as well. I also enjoyed the section on coaching and mentoring, learning that there a difference between the two and that there is needs to be a progression from mentoring to coaching when one is supervising. I also liked the activities as well. I felt included, especially because I am a quiet person who finds it difficult to express myself when others talk a lot. Not that I do not have anything to say but when one is working in groups, there are people who kind of ‘dominate’ the discussions making it difficult for other people like me to say something.”

Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision is available to South African academics at selected institutions.
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